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Vogue Goes Inside Kristen’s Cannes Red Carpet Routine

Vogue Goes Inside Kristen’s Cannes Red Carpet Routine

Gallery : With the Cannes Film Festival officially underway, following last night’s premiere of Woody Allen’s CaféSociety, the week’s traditional glitz and glamour have descended on the South of France. But even amid all the couture-clad starlets and supermodels, Kristen Stewart still manages to stand out—which is as much a testament to the skill of her trusted team of professionals (Chanel’s Lucia Pica on makeup, Adir Abergel on hair, and stylist Tara Swennen) as Stewart herself, who brings a signature dose of authenticity and attitude to every red carpet turn she makes.

“She cut that Chanel T-shirt herself. It was her idea,” Pica said of the white-on-white skirt-and-shirt ensemble Stewart wore to a photo call for Allen’s new movie, in which she costars with Blake Lively and Jesse Eisenberg. (True to form, Stewart removed her black-and-white pumps promptly after it was over.)

“I think the way Kristen approaches glamour and being a movie star is really refreshing,” Pica added hours later while prepping Stewart for the film’s evening premiere. The actress, too, was uncharacteristically excited. “I really love this particular red carpet,” Stewart said as Abergel texturized her newly peroxided cropped hair before fashioning it into a deep side part. “I know that sounds obvious, but I don’t get that impending doom feeling in my gut. I’m really elated to be here—and we all want to annihilate this look.” Mission accomplished. Here, Stewart, Abergel, and Pica break down Stewart’s one part Old Hollywood, one part “Gwen Stefani in the ’90s” beauty moment, live from Cannes.

It was important to Pica that Stewart’s eye makeup looked deconstructed, with a “grungy, ’90s feel,” in order to balance out the elegance of her Chanel Resort dress. “I always smudge the eyeliner a bit at the end so it feels less hard,” Pica says of the “lived in” look she created by blurring Chanel’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in Noir Intense around Stewart’s lash lines and then adding a layer of liquid Écriture de Chanel liner for shape. A taupe brown eyeshadow shade provided a hint of smoke.

Stewart is not traditionally a statement-lip kind of girl, but she admits to being into bright colors more and more since bleaching her hair. “I’ve actually kept a lipstick on my person more frequently than I ever have in my whole life,” she says. “Anything that’s in stark contrast to my hair to make it look better!” Here, Pica applies Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet matte lipstick in Rouge Carnale from her debut collection for the brand, due out in July.

Pica’s Cannes product arsenal [photo of the makeup table]. Stewart’s look started with a hydrating face serum and a moisturizing lip scrub.“Whenever I do lipstick, I scrub the lips. I start with these baby wipes that have granules in them, followed by Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care,” Pica says.

Pica and Stewart are kindred spirits in both makeup and music. “We had a really good playlist going last night,” Stewart reveals. “Lucia and I are like two teenage girls. We were sitting on the floor, being like, ‘You guys, shut up! We’re trying to listen to the words!’ ” Stewart’s red carpet soundtrack included the song “Downtown” by Majical Cloudz.

A successful turn on the red carpet takes “the right people,” says Stewart, here with her team. “When it all comes together in a cohesive way—hair, makeup, accessories, attitude—I don’t feel like I’m playing a character; I’m just myself.”

“Kristen is the most amazing collaborator—she gives you your freedom, but at the same time, she has a voice so she always looks like her,” says Abergel, who sent Stewart to colorist Marie Robinson armed with tear sheets of Debbie Harry to get her new shade of platinum. For the Cannes red carpet, Abergel used a mix of products, like Bumble and Bumble Thickening mousse and L’Oréal Professionnel Shower Shine Wet Domination styling spray, to “really break the hair apart” so there was a grit to the otherwise classic style

Stewart showcases the dress [the full body shot photo] she and Swennen decided on for the premiere. “I would have never worn it if I hadn’t bleached my hair. This is going to sound so hilarious, but I do actually feel more fun,” she says of the effects of her bright color change.

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