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Pirelli – The Cal 2020: Looking for Juliet

Pirelli – The Cal 2020: Looking for Juliet

Kristen is one of the actress chosen to portrait Juliet in the 2020 Pirelli Calendar, shot by Paolo Roversi.

Pirelli: Looking for Juliet: we present the cast of the 2020 Pirelli Calendar.

The American model and actress Kristen Stewart is a symbol of free love. It might even be less of a challenge for her to play the role of Juliet than the others, given that one chapter of the saga that saw her achieve global fame evoked the affair between the two young members of the Montague and Capulet families. New Moon, the sequel to the film Twilight, which was adapted from the series of books written by Stephanie Meyer of the same name, tells of the impossible love of the human Bella Swan for the vampire Edward.

They love each other, chase each other and then break up. Edward mistakenly believes her dead and goes to die in Italy, in Volterra. But unlike the Shakespearian tragedy, Bella manages to save her lover. In one of her upcoming films, Kristen Stewart will also play Sabina in a new version of Charlie’s Angels, remade in a #metoo style.

You can watch the videos HERE, and see the entire story HERE

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