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#PersonalShopper and #CertainWomen to premiere with a Q&A at the New York Film Festival

#PersonalShopper and #CertainWomen to premiere with a Q&A at the New York Film Festival

NYFF : Certain Women

Kelly Reichardt 2016 USA 107 minutes
Q&A with Kelly Reichardt, Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Laura Dern, and Lily Gladstone on 10/3
Adapting short stories by Maile Meloy, Kelly Reichardt constructs a lean triptych of subtly intersecting lives in Montana, starring Laura Dern, Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart. Shooting on 16mm, Reichardt creates understated, uncannily intimate dramas nestled within a clear-eyed depiction of the modern American West.
Showtimes : October 3 October 4
9:00 PM 6:00 PM

Personal Shopper

Olivier Assayas 2016 France 105 minutes
U.S. Premiere • Q&A with Olivier Assayas and Kristen Stewart on 10/7, Assayas only on 10/8
Kristen Stewart is the medium, in more ways than one, for this sophisticated genre exploration from director Olivier Assayas. As a fashion assistant whose twin brother has died, leaving her bereft and longing for messages from the other side, Stewart is fragile and enigmatic—and nearly always on-screen.
Showtimes : October 7 October 8
9:00 PM 3:00 PM

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