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Vanity Fair : Kristen Stewart is the first to admit that she—César-winning actress, former Twilight franchise front woman, and begrudging celebrity—is usually a little stiff in interviews. She isn’t unfriendly—in fact she is just so sincere that she isn’t interested in shilling her movie with a smile and a few canned sound bites in 60-second interviews. She prefers substance, and at the Toronto Film Festival, the actress gave Vanity Fair executive West Coast editor Krista Smith just that.

During Stewart’s sit-down, she gamely discussed how personal heartbreak informed her performance in Equals, the sci-fi romance she and co-star Nicholas Hoult screened in Canada. The actress also opened up about why she thinks she’s been able to segue her career as a child actress into adulthood; why she would make a great personal assistant; and the person who didn’t think she’d make acting-award history by winning the César for her work in Clouds of Sils Maria.

Written by Maud