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New Interview w/ Madame Figaro

Translation thanks to @thawra611

Madame Figaro : Q: For you, “holiday” rhymes with …?
K: my house in LA. the climate is not ideal there, I love to welcome my friends for endless evenings

Q: you do not leave home without …?
K: My iPhone … like everybody.

Q: The secret to a good holiday?
K: Especially not to make complex plans and stay in improvisation.

Q: Your thing To disconnect?
K: I found the balance between my private life & my job, I do not ask myself, since I feel on vacation all year.

Q: Your main character trait?
K: Younger I preferred to melt into the background I was so shy. Today I find myself rather comely & easygoing.

Q: One trait of which you are least proud of?
K: Stubborn, inflexible.

Q: The one trait you hate in others?
K: Falsehood, insincerity.

Q: To prepare American Ultra, what did you do?
K: learn how to use guns work on the script for 48 h & believe hard as iron in this spy tale.

Q: Your tip against stress?
K: I breathe.

Q: Your living hero?
K: Julianne Moore greatly inspired me. And my mother.

Q: 3 basics in your wardrobe?
K: A Tee, jeans, a pair of sneakers.

Q: For you, elegance is?
K: A French woman, eminently natural.

Q: For you, vulgarity is?
K: Neither bad words nor insults. In fact, it is an attitude that does not affect me.

Q: how did the crisis affect you?
K: With what I saw and the opportunities that i have , it is hard for me to talk about it.

Q: The gift you offer often?
K: Good food.

Q: In summer, what can we find in your bag?
K: a book “Girl in a Band”, the autobiography of Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth.

Q: The place that you like?
K: My house. This is my cocoon.

Q: Who would you like to meet on the beach?
K: My family and my group of friends.

Written by Maud