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Interpol Recruits Kristen Stewart for ‘If You Really Love Nothing’ Music Video

Here is the music video of ‘If You Really Love Nothing’ by Interpol, where Kristen stars.

Billboard : Kristen Stewart and Finn Wittrock Star in Interpol’s Wild ‘If You Really Love Nothing’ Video

Indie rock band Interpol released the dark and reckless video for their track “If You Really Love Nothing” on Thursday (Aug. 23) from their upcoming album Marauder, which is set to be released Friday (Aug. 24).
The video features American Horror Story actor Finn Wittrock and Personal Shopper actress Kristen Stewart as a couple with a somewhat tumultuous relationship. In the Hala Matar-directed project, the video takes on a nocturnal and reckless tone.

With the video’s dark aesthetic, Sam Fogarino’s swing inspired percussion, Daniel Kessler’s hypnotic guitar playing, and Paul Bank’s emotional falsetto vocals working in tandem with vulnerable lyrics, fans can empathize with the doomed romance of the protagonist and his careless girlfriend as they spend the night partying in a red-lit bar.

Rolling Stones : Actress makes out with strangers, steals car in clip for band’s ‘Marauder’ track.

Kristen Stewart galavants through a wild party in Interpol’s new “If You Really Love Nothing” video.

The clip takes place at a shadowy nightclub, where the actress’ character makes out with a sharp-dressed man (Finn Wittrock) and other random people, swipes some pasta from the kitchen and boots out a valet before stealing a car. Interpol appear throughout the video, with frontman Paul Banks singing straight into the camera.

“If You Really Love Nothing” is the opener from the indie-rock band’s upcoming sixth LP, Marauder, out August 24th.

W Magazine : Poor Finn Wittrock. We’re still not sure why Emma Stone ditches him in the middle of dinner in La La Land, and we’re even less sure about what Kristen Stewart does to him in Interpol’s new “If You Really Love Nothing” music video. Maybe he’s just doomed to be the cast-off onscreen boy toy of several of young Hollywood’s leading ladies, and, honestly, there are worse career paths.

The clip, directed by Bahraini director Hala Matar (a music video and fashion favorite), finds Wittrock waiting outside a restaurant with nightclub vibes dreaming of Stewart (something we can tell because a sexy apparition of Stewart appears in his cigarette smoke). A moment later Stewart arrives, popping out of the trunk of a colorfully painted taxi, as one does. She plants a kiss on Wittrock and then drags him inside, directly past the maître d’, and plops them both down into a choice booth as the band themselves play on stage.

There’s some more flirting (and forced drinking) that goes down in the booth, before Stewart gets up to walk over several tables to reach the bathroom. There she causes a bit of havoc and makes out with a few more men. Then it’s off to the kitchen for a little more havoc, a little more making out.

Eventually she makes her way back to Wittrock to shove spaghetti in his mouth and kiss him some more. Perhaps an unlikely happy ending? Nah, not for Wittrock, at least. Stewart moves on. Wittrock gets thrown out of the club by a large man in suspenders. Then Stewart carjacks the taxi, presumably on her way to make out with some more folks.

Indiewire : Kristen Stewart Is Out of Control in Interpol’s New Music Video — The video for “If You Really Love Nothing” also stars Finn Wittrock (“La La Land”) and was directed by Hala Matar.

Kristen Stewart has lent her acting talent to a new music video for the indie band Interpol, and it’s every bit as enigmatic as the actress herself. The song, “If You Really Love Nothing,” is the third single off the band’s forthcoming sixth studio album, “Marauder.” Interpol’s last studio album, “El Pintor,” came out in 2014. “Marauder” will be released on August 24 from Matador Records.

In the newly-released video, Stewart plays a trouble-making party girl who sneaks into a club and proceeds to make out with every guy in the place (no women — this time). She arrives with a tuxedo-clad gentleman, played by “La La Land” star Finn Wittrock, who slowly unravels as he loses her attention. Directed by Hala Matar, the club is dimly lit in red, and the camera seems always one step behind Stewart.

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