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‘Equals’ Press Conference in Tokyo

Kristen, Nicholas Hoult, director Drake Doremus, producers Michael Pruss & Ann Ruark were present.

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Quotes from the Press Conference [thanks to @kstewfansjp for the translation]

Kristen talked excitingly about how she feels right now (about starting filiming):
“It took quite a while to prepare for the role. I worked with the director (to understanding the character better) and I’ve enjoyed the whole process. Right now, I get everything (and feel prepared), so I feel really excited about starting filming”

-About her impression on Japan:
“Japan is full of energy, plus everything is all neat & everyone is polite here. These things are different from the other countries around the world. I really like Japan, including those wonderful aspects.”

-About her role:
“I’m going to play a woman who has feeling in a world where you cannot and shouldn’t have any emotion. Even in your normal, everyday life, you could have feelings get in your way, making you stuck in obstacles, and shut yourself in your shell. I might have some of those aspects that I could relate to.”

-About Japan
Kristen “I love its culture and people, but I also love being able to walk around freely and go wherever I want to.”

Movie Walker
Kristen started her carrier in the film industry playing Jodie Foster’s daughter in “Panic Room (2002)”and Nicolas made his debut in “About A Boy.”

Both (Kristen and Nicolas) having successful start in the film industry playing child role, the interviewer asked whether they have something in common about it.
Kristen clearly (and jokingly) stated “NOOO!”, with a cute gesture, making people laugh.
Nicolas answered “I haven’t talked about childhood ( and having been child actor) with Kristen, but she has a lot of knowledge and insights. And she is genuine and sincere. By coming to Japan and spending 5 whole days with her, I already feel like I became smarter, too.”

Fashion Headline
-About her character
Kristen:“When you’re living, often times emotions could get in a way or you might have to hide your feelings. In that way, I could relate to the character”

Nicolas about starting the fliming:
“If you are in this industry since your childhood, you don’t have much chance to learn about acting other than ‘practice (by actually playing the role you’re given in the film).’ But for ‘Equals,’ I’m sure there’s gonna be so many things to learn from Kristen and the director, so I’m really looking forward to it.”

Written by Maud