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Charles Gillibert mentions Kristen’s reaction to her César nomination

Beginning of the video
*Movie critic Danièle Heymann lists the nominations*
Danièle Heymann: “It’s nice?”
Charles: “Yes it is nice. Seriously tho it was a nice surprise.
Danièle Heymann: Not really a surprise.
Charles: Well it’s always somewhat of a surprise. I found out at night at Sundance. I was really happy. Kristen Stewart for example, she obviously.. I think she had no idea the nominations were coming out at that time etc. She was.. she was very happy, it was a real explosion of joy. I think it’s.. the French film industry is know to have quite an interesting look on movies.

At 4:32 Danièle Heymann asks him in how many countries it was sold, and he answers “pretty much everywhere”, in thirty at least. That the movie is doing “very very well”, in Germany with roughly 100,000 entries. Also in Mexico, Turkey and of course in Switzerland. He says that Olivier Assayas and Juliette Binoche are worldwide people, whose movies are expected around the world and who travel a lot to introduce them. He also says that the movie will come out end of March in the US, and that it’s a high-stakes. (IC: the release has been pushed back to April)

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