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Julianne Moore mentions Kristen with WWD

MORE JULIANNE MOORE : Julianne Moore is no stranger to heavy dramas, and her latest film “Still Alice,” which premiered on Monday at the Toronto International Film Festival, is a particularly hefty one emotionally. Moore plays a linguistics professor with early onset Alzheimer’s in the p.o.v. film, based on a novel by neuroscientist Lisa Genova. “So many movies about disease are about seeing them from the outside so [Genova] wanted to discover what it was like from the inside,” she said. “I had to find a way to articulate it in an emotional way.” The actress received a standing ovation at the premiere, though she missed it because she was eating dinner during the screening. Arriving early for her interview at The Storys Building on Tuesday, wearing a short floral-printed Stella McCartney dress (the second Stella she has donned here), she was in a good mood. “I never get to go outside in Toronto unless I’m shooting a movie here,” she laughed.

She is doing double duty at the fest — her other film “Maps to the Stars” also screened here after premiering at the Venice Film Festival last month.” “That’s a comedy, I guess, compared to [“Still Alice”] she joked of the dark comedy. To prepare for “Alice,” Moore interviewed women with the same condition and even took the same tests to determine whether she had the disease. “I was able to shake it off at night and it made me feel grateful for what I have. I didn’t take [my work] home with me,” she said.

As for the actors who played her character’s children — Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth and Hunter Parrish — she called out Stewart in particular. “She’s so extraordinary and has so much compassion in her performance,” she noted. Ditto for her screen husband, Alec Baldwin, whom she worked with when she guest-starred on “30 Rock.” “I love working with him; he has so much vitality and so much soul. It felt like a real marriage,” she said. Moore’s real-life kids, Liv, 16 and Caleb, 12, also had a cameo in the film, but she said they don’t have designs on acting (Caleb is a musician and Liv wants to be a stylist). She said, “It was my idea to put them in the movie.”

New Article about Kristen on Glamour France September 2014 Issue

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Queen Kristen splendid in the new assayas movie. Kristen Stewart is not finished impressing us.

“She is called rebellious uncontrollable, insolent. in her private life, a fling with a married man was enough for her to be called man-eater”
“However, for those who know her well, kristen stewart is a simple hollywood star. cartesian & reliable”
“So why this dichotomy from which emerge a slightly veiled image of an actress difficult to read and often misunderstood?”
“Of course, there was the twilight effect. in 2008, this kid from LA pays bella for the first time. Goldmine. Bmlockbuster. global success”
“Bye bye normal life. Kstew becomes a hunted animal. followed by a 2 years media maelstrom”
“Little by little, the chrysalis splits to give of a glimpse of a girl with unusual tastes and ambitions”
“Both force hollywood, each in her own way to rivise this irritating tendency to categorization”
“A free electron in Hollywood”
“Movie after movie, this young woman takes control of her career and returns to the cinema she loves.”
“Big stars have little control over what happens to them they’re manipulated by their entourage. sometimes it’s easier to let the decide” Olivier Assayas
“Staying free in alienating system is the fight of this actress who surprises anyone who gets near her”

Olivier said when charles suggested kristen he liked the idea but didn’t believe k would do it. what beibg a big star. Olivier said it was strange and funny to see this bodugard in the middle on nowhere on set but at the same time it’s this notoriety that gives her power in Hollywood.
“A notoriety that is a two edged sword but that is insignificant when faced with a talent more and more impressing”
“She has that mixture of freedom, nonchalance and diabolical precision” Olivier Assayas
“It seems she does not work. she laughs with her friends. but when the camera in on, she is precise to the millimetre” Olivier Assayas
“Kristen Stewart: Fire under Ice”

Juliette Binoche talks about Kristen

Did you seen the Maloja snake, the weather phenomenon that plays a role in the film?
On the first day when we arrived at the hotel, this fog was there. Impressive.

In “Sils Maria» Your assistant is played by Kristen Stewart, who is a huge star herself thanks to the “Twilight” movies.
Yes. And she works quite differently than I do. She can, for example, read her lines three times in the morning and then knows it perfectly in the afternoon. That is not how it work for me. I look at the texts well in advance and always come back to it. I this so that it doesn’t just stick to the surface.

Does Kristen Stewart work superficially?
Not at all. Just different. She may be only 24, but already has a lot of experience. The biggest difference: she was constantly communicating online with her friends.

Also in the Engadin?
Yes, she is so crowded by the outside world that she must isolate herself and create her own intimacy. I understand that. But it’s not for me. I’m not on Facebook, not on Twitter.

And it should stay that way?
Kristen did say “come on, I’ll show you”. But no. Next year I play “Antigone” on a big theatrical tour. Since I’m rather on the road with my suitcase than with Facebook. I do use the Internet. I check what kind of people I will be working with.

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