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First look of Kristen in #OnceandForever, Chanel’s new short film

Karl Lagerfeld is likewise broadening his cast. Following in his grand tradition of directing films to accompany Chanel’s Metiers d’Art shows, the creative director’s newest short, debuting in Rome on Dec. 1, will feature “Twilight” megastar Kristen Stewart. Stewart, who’s appeared in Chanel print campaigns, will now play a fastidious actress impersonating the brand’s founder, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.


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Motorcycle racer Philippe Monneret talks about coaching Kristen for #PersonalShopper : It was far from an average day on set for Kristen Stewart as she began filming her new movie Personal Shopper in Paris on Tuesday.

The actress was spotted popping out of Cartier on the rue de la Paix, clad in a motorcycle helmet and juggling a number of shopping bags from the jewelry store and Christian Louboutin as she filmed a scene. Stewart then straddled a motor scooter while still juggling the merchandise and drove out into traffic, heading off toward the city’s famed opera house.

The sequence was surprisingly daunting for the Twilight star: Her scooter-driving skills were fresh.

Stewart arrived in Paris over the weekend, and before boarding the bike on set (and driving into real city traffic) had only one day of experience.

French motorcycle racer Phillipe Monneret, who coached the star, tells PEOPLE the actress had a three-hour driving session on Monday at a closed circuit track in Meudon to prepare. This was followed by one hour of real time driving on the Paris streets before Tuesday.

“She took to it, picked it up, real quickly. It seems to amuse her,” Monneret tells PEOPLE. “She’s really very athletic.”

Monneret had Stewart ride a 125 cc motorcycle to give her the feel and teach her the basics. For Personal Shopper, the actress will mount a Peugeot 50 cc scooter.

“It’s a smaller bike and she’s doing well with it,” he says, adding, “She’s very game. Nothing put her off.”

Stewart’s on-the-street scenes continue this week before the production – which unites her with her Sils Maria director Olivier Assayas – heads on to London, Prague and Oman.

Monneret, who has coached a number of French actors for driving roles, says Stewart was the first American actress he’d trained.

“I know she’d won a Cesar but I’d no idea who she was,” he confesses, “My daughters though, they know.”

Personal Shopper is a ghost story set in the fashion underworld in Paris, according to Variety.

Karl Lagerfeld Mentions Kristen w/ the New York Times

New York Times : I asked him what was his ideal of the perfect woman today. He didn’t hesitate. ‘‘Julianne Moore,’’ he said.


‘‘I don’t know. I just think she’s great. Her whole life; the way she is in life. And Jessica Chastain — she’s great, too. Of the younger generation, I love Kristen Stewart. She is gifted. She looks tough but in fact she’s the nicest person in the world.’’

Tara Swennen mentions Kristen and Chanel

The Tick : In the summer of 2013, I went to Paris with Kristen Stewart to attend Haute Couture Fashion Week for the first time.

We went [as guests] of Chanel, and it was lovely. Kristen and I had been working together for several years at that point, so it was really more like a family vacation. We stayed at Le Meurice, across the street from the Jardin des Tuileries.

The trip was jam packed with dinners, drinks, and events.

Kristen and I went to two shows together: Zuhair Murad, which was small — only two rows — and Chanel, which was on a much grander scale.

That show was at the Grand Palais, and it was a sweltering 105 degrees, so everyone was sweating in their Chanel looks.
Kristen wore the classic tweed blazer, which we mixed up with some leather gloves and cut-offs. She got a LOT of attention.
This was before she starred in the Chanel campaigns; by the time we returned the following year, Kristen was the face of the brand.

New Picture of Kristen and Juliette Lewis

Had so much fun interviewing #KristenStewart for @ELLEUK ! My dog Teddy actually tried to yaknow “show his deepest affection” for her which I told her was a real compliment! LOL But either way we both fell inlove with her honesty and general badassery.

Juliette Lewis’ Instagram

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In praise of Kristen Stewart: an essay on Kristen & #CloudsofSilsMaria

CBS News : An actress with an on-camera presence all her own has caught the attention of our critic David Edelstein:

This year eyebrows shot up when France’s Oscar equivalent, the Cesar, went to Kristen Stewart in the French-made showbiz drama, “Clouds of Sils Maria,” now out in the United States.

Oui, mes amis! Kristen Stewart, known for fidgeting through four “Twilight” movies, her emotions (according to some critics) ranging from sullen to ill-at-ease, mocked for looking on red carpets like an unwashed stoner chick ordered to smile at gunpoint.

The thing is — laugh all you want, I’ve always thought Stewart was a really good actress. You just have to accept that she never, ever wants to be caught acting.

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Tim Blake Nelson On ‘Anesthesia’, Indie Funding & Landing Kristen Stewart

Deadline : Tim Blake Nelson is one of the hardest working character actors in show biz with a near 20-year resume. He raised his profile in 2000 when he starred as one of the three leads in the Coen Brothers’ O Brother, Where Art Thou? opposite George Clooney and John Turturro. And his phone hasn’t stopped ringing since with credits that include Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, Terrence Malick’s Thin Red Line, The Incredible Hulk and a turn on Tina Fey and Robert Carlock’s Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But, Nelson for several years has had a serious side gig as a filmmaker at the center of New York’s indie scene. When on location, Nelson writes screenplays and even edits too, having spliced together his directorial debut Eye of God in between acting sides on the O Brother. To date, along with Eye of God, he’s made six features including O, The Grey Zone, Leaves of Grass, the NBC 2006 TV movie Haskett’s Choice, and Anesthesia which is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday, April 22 at 9PM at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

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Nicolas Hoult talks about Kristen & ‘Equals’

ET Canada: “I don’t want to give away too much about the film,” Hoult says. “But [Kristen’s] a real artist and someone who’s incredibly talented and great at like you know, improvising and taking lines and developing them and just working the story out. I can’t talk highly enough of her.”

E!OnlineUK: Add Nicholas Hoult to the long list of celebrity Kristen Stewart fans. The two co-star in the upcoming drama Equals.

“She’s so talented,” Hoult told me at South by Southwest, where he helped unveil the new Jaguar XE at Boffin’s Lab Powered by Jaguar and Wired Insider event. “I really can’t speak highly enough about her. She’s a talented, lovely and a wonderful girl…She’s just got such a smart approach to her work and she’s a real artist.”

In the film, Hoult and Stewart live in a futuristic world where all human emotion has been eradicated.

“My character starts to get what they consider a sickness, where he starts to have nightmares and feel things and he’s like, ‘Hang on! What’s going on here?'” Hoult said. “And then he notices Kristen’s character and they start to develop this relationship in a world where people aren’t allowed to have relationships, where they don’t exist. It’s basically a love story.”

Charles Gillibert mentions Kristen’s reaction to her César nomination

Beginning of the video
*Movie critic Danièle Heymann lists the nominations*
Danièle Heymann: “It’s nice?”
Charles: “Yes it is nice. Seriously tho it was a nice surprise.
Danièle Heymann: Not really a surprise.
Charles: Well it’s always somewhat of a surprise. I found out at night at Sundance. I was really happy. Kristen Stewart for example, she obviously.. I think she had no idea the nominations were coming out at that time etc. She was.. she was very happy, it was a real explosion of joy. I think it’s.. the French film industry is know to have quite an interesting look on movies.

At 4:32 Danièle Heymann asks him in how many countries it was sold, and he answers “pretty much everywhere”, in thirty at least. That the movie is doing “very very well”, in Germany with roughly 100,000 entries. Also in Mexico, Turkey and of course in Switzerland. He says that Olivier Assayas and Juliette Binoche are worldwide people, whose movies are expected around the world and who travel a lot to introduce them. He also says that the movie will come out end of March in the US, and that it’s a high-stakes. (IC: the release has been pushed back to April)

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