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New ‘Still Alice’ Portraits during the New York Film Festival [HQ/MQ] from Oct 8, 2014

I’ve added 16 new HQ and MQ portraits of Kristen during the New York Film Festival last October from the ‘Still Alice’ promotion in NYC. Pictures courtesy of kstewartfans.

‘Still Alice’ Screening in NYC – Jan 13th, 2015

I’ve added 87 new HQ pictures of Kristen at the ‘Still Alice’ screening and after party in NYC on Jan 13th, 2015. Pictures courtesy of kstewartfans.

I’ve also added 20 new HQ pictures of Kristen on her way to the screening in NYC on Jan 13th, 2015. Pictures courtesy of kstewartfans.


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New Interview with Salon : The conversation around “Still Alice” has been all about Julianne Moore, and with good reason — her performance as Alice, a linguistic professor with early onset Alzheimer’s, is the role of a lifetime (and a near shoo-in for the Oscar). But hers isn’t the only good performance in the film. In particular, Kristen Stewart skillfully navigates difficult emotional territory in her role as Alice’s passionate, combative daughter Lydia, who stands steadfastly by her mother through her quick and devastating deterioration.

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New USA Today Portraits + Interview

I’ve added 02 new UHQ pictures of Kristen and Julianne for USA Today, photographed by Dan MacMedan & interviewed by Andrea Mandell, on December 7 at the Los Angeles ‘Still Alice’ press junket. Pictures courtesy of kstewartfans.

USA Today : LOS ANGELES — Good luck keeping it together during a scene in Still Alicein which Julianne Moore, playing a woman diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, delivers a wrenching speech on the art of losing.

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