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#CertainWomen and #PersonalShopper make the list at TIFF 2016

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony Honoring Jodie Foster – May 04, 2016

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony Honoring Jodie Foster – May 04, 2016

Kristen was a guest speaker at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony Honoring Jodie Foster on May 04, 2016 in Hollywood. She was wearing a Pre-Fall 2016 Chanel top + pencil skirt and @KurtGeiger black suede ‘Bond’ pumps. She sported a brush-up hair look and went for a grudge make-up paired with a brown lip color.


Full Ceremony

Thanks to @Uchiland

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2016 MET Gala – Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology – May 02, 2016

2016 MET Gala – Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology – May 02, 2016

Kristen was a guest at the 2016 MET Ball on May 02, 2016 in NYC. She was wearing a Fall 2016 Chanel dress with heels and Repossi jewelry. This year’s theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, and Kristen was supporting her new bleach blonde hair and silver make-up and nails.


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Review : Anesthesia + Tim Nelson mentions Kristen on AOL Build : PLOT: The brutal mugging of a beloved college professor (Sam Waterston) links a group of loosely connected individuals.

REVIEW: Tim Blake Nelson’s ANESTHESIA feels like something of an indie throwback, in that it’s the kind of multi-character drama that was in-vogue in the years following Paul Haggis’ CRASH before too many pale imitators made the mini-genre peter-out. A strong effort from Nelson, who hasn’t directed a movie since his odd Edward Norton-vehicle LEAVES OF GRASS, ANESTHESIA makes you somewhat nostalgic for that kind of film, although to be sure this is a rather good example of the genre.

Using a simple, easy to relate-to premise (a loved one being violently attacked) Nelson (who also wrote) doesn’t shy away from using prototypical, art-house heroes (the verbose English lit professor, his tortured student, the inner-city drug addict, the philanderer, etc). Their familiarity works in their favour, particularly in the casting as most are cast to type, giving us a kind of short-hand with all the characters that allows Nelson to pack a lot into his relatively scant eighty-five minute running time.

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Woody Allen 2016 Film Set For French Release in September

Woody Allen Pages : It’s 2016! And we eagerly await details of Woody Allen’s yearly work, his 2016 Film. We got a little tidbit this week as France was the first to announce a release date.

The film is still untitled at this point. But the French distributor Mars Distribution have announced that they will be releasing the film. Le Figaro has run the date as September.

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#Equals TIFF Premiere Masterpost – September 13th, 2015

Yesterday was the Toronto Film Festival premiere for Kristen’s latest movie, Equals. Kristen was wearing a Chanel Haute Couture Automn/Winter 2015/2016 dress, with Cesare Casadei shoes. Here is 44 pictures of Kristen during the premiere, from the red carpet to the Q&A, and 502HQ pictures. Some are exclusive to our website, while others are courtesy of kstewartfans.
You can find videos of the event HERE

#Equals to have its North American premiere at TIFF

EQUALS ‘Special Presentation’ – North American Premiere

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult star in the ambitious new film from director Drake Doremus (Like Crazy), about a utopian future society where crime and violence have been eradicated through the genetic elimination of human emotion, and where those afflicted with the emotional “disease” are forced to go on the run.

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from 10 – 20 September.

For more details & tickets, check out their Site.

‘Anesthesia’ – Tribeca Film Festival Reviews & Reactions


The Wrap : Writer-director Tim Blake Nelson‘s “Anesthesia” is one of those ensemble dramas in which the relationships between a group of people are only made clear gradually as the film goes on. This sort of movie generally tries to tell us that we are all connected, and we are all in this together, but Nelson avoids sentimentality entirely, much to his credit.

A veteran character actor, Nelson has the sort of face that seems to expect the very worst, and he writes his scripts and makes his films accordingly.

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‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ LACMA Screening and Q&A – April 3rd, 2015

I’ve added 67 new HQ pictures of Kristen at the ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ LACMA Screening and Q&A in LA on April 3rd, 2015. Pictures courtesy of kstewartfans.
I will update as soon as I have more pics, if there is.

Tweets from @robkris13:
Elvis asked if she’s ever do theatre. she gave the audience a deadpan look & then said “dude no, Im from LA! we dont appreciate it like NYC”
Kristen said doing theatre would mean doing many performances and she didnt think she could keep it fresh doing it over and over.
She said that’s why she loved doing movies…one performance and it would always be fresh.
Kristen said the movie was very true to the CoSM script…doesnt happen very often when a movie was being filmed.
Kristen talked abt how women includiing Jodie Foster, Julianne, Juliette, Joan Jett had influenced her career in a postive way.
She and Julianne share the trait of not wanting to rehearse before doing a movie but Juliette on the other hand loves to rehearse.
Kristen said she and Juliette were perfectly cast for their roles in CoSM because they were similiar to their characters.
She said Juliette is like Maria because she doesnt want to hurt anyone but “Im like Val because I want you to hurt, feel what Im saying.”
Elvis asked her which of her movies surprised her. she felt they all had parts that surprised her and couldnt chose just one.
Elvis asked if she had ever shot a movie in sequential order and she said On The Road & one other but cant remember what it was now.
Kristen said she knew CoSM had some heavy things in it but she loved there was comedy in it too.
PapaStew was here tonight :))