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Kristen on the cover of Nylon Magazine – September Issue

Kristen is on the cover of the newest issue of Nylon Magazine ! Here is the first look. Pictures courtesy of kstewartfans. : What’s it like being with Kristen Stewart in public? Imagine walking around with a jaguar that everyone wants to stare at and pet, even though they know they’re supposed to be cool—even when a big, rare cat is all up in their coffee spot. Problem is, no one can be totally chill around the actress. Not even Stewart herself.

Excruciatingly aware of her fame, Stewart the Global Movie Star orders an almond milk latte at her favorite Echo Park café in a manner best described as awkward-charm offense. She chats with the barista about the café’s latest expansion, yadda yadda yadda, while nervously raking her hands through her choppy bob. Stewart’s chatter isn’t the most natural thing in the world, but its tacit message is clear: See, I’m a nice, regular person. Tell all your friends!

Walking through the outside patio is hardly better. Anyone who isn’t buried in her laptop recognizes That Girl From Twilight. A few whisper or drink her in greedily before looking away, but it hardly matters. The charge is in the air. Stewart’s body is tense, her eyes cast down until she flops into a seat in the most remote corner, an amused, near-exasperated expression on her face.

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Kristen on the cover of ELLE UK – September 2015

I’ve added 22 new scans of Kristen gracing the cover of the September issue of ELLE UK, out Aug 6. Pictures courtesy of

I’ve added 10 new HQ outtakes of Kristen for ELLE UK, thanks to StewartKOnline.


ELLEUK : Put two of Hollywood’s coolest characters in a room together and sparks are bound to fly. That’s exactly what happened when we tasked rockstar/actress Juliette Lewis to have a ‘deep and meaningful’ with her friend Kristen Stewart, one of the few young actresses working successfully across Hollywood blockbusters, high fashion and cultish Indie movies today.

The results were predictably unpredictable with Lewis accusing Stewart, 20-years her junior of being ‘a scrapper’ and able to ‘throw a punch’, Stewart admitting she has ‘no rhythm’ but wishing she could ‘tear sh*t up on the dance floor’ and the pair discussing everything from the perils of social media, to telling autograph hunters to ‘f-off’ and maintaining true friends despite the pressures of fame.

Lewis calls comedian Amy Shumer her mentor, while Stewart describes meeting Patti Smith when she was in a ‘f**ked place’ emotionally and how the older musician’s advice has proved invaluable.

She also addresses those rumours about her bitchy resting face.

Read the fascinating interview in full in this month’s issue of ELLE Magazine. And watch Kristen Stewart teach us How To Be A Badass in an exclusive behind the scenes film from the cover shoot.

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Kristen on the cover of Marie Claire USA – August 2015

Kristen is the new covergirl of the next issue of Marie Claire USA ! Here are a few pictures, a snippet of her interview, and a BTS video. Out July 21st.


Marie Claire US : Presenting the Real Kristen Stewart, in All Her Bold, Brilliant Glory

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Kristen covers Harper’s Bazaar UK – June Issue
via kstewartfans

You can pre-order the magazine HERE. Don’t forget to choose the next issue (JUN15).

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