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Kristen to Attend ‘Camp X-Ray’ Screening in NYC October 7th, 2014

Source : 9th Annual Forum Film Festival: Opening Night, Camp X-Ray with Kristen Stewart and Peter Sattler

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 | 7:00 p.m.

Tishman Auditorium, Vanderbilt Hall

Join the 2014 Forum Film Festival Opening Night with a screening of IFC Films’ Camp X-Ray (in theaters Oct. 17th). Followed by a post-screening discussion with starring actress Kristen Stewart and director Peter Sattler.


First Official Still of ‘Equals’

I’ve added the first production still of Kristen and Nicolas in the upcoming ‘Equals’, which has just wrapped main photography.

Variety : Scott free Films has released the first image of the new Drake Doremus film “Equals,” starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult.

Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver also star.

The love story is set in the future where emotions have been eradicated, but a disease can cause them to return.

“I’m definitely not afraid of ‘feels.’ My life revolves around it actually,” Stewart said of the film’s theme at a press event in August. “Finding the balance between the head and the heart is important but I’ve always been very driven by the gut. Every thought or articulated emotion starts in shapes and colors and putting your finger on that is cool, but it’s not necessary.”

When asked whether he’d like to live in an emotionless world, Hoult said, “That obviously would be the easy way out, but no, I like to feel everything, take the highs and the lows.”

The pic bows next year.

‘Still Alice’ Gets Oscar-Qualifying Release in December

The Wrap : Sony Pictures Classic will put the film in theaters for one week in NY and LA, then go wide in January.

Sony Pictures Classic is making sure that Julianne Moore gets that shot at finally nabbing an Oscar.

The corporate-owned art house distributor will release “Still Alice,” the drama that features Moore as a college professor with early-onset Alzheimer’s, in theaters in New York and Los Angeles for a week in December. The distributor will then give the film a more normal release on January 16.

“Still Alice,” written and directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, was acquired by SPC after its Toronto premiere.

Julianne Moore mentions Kristen with WWD

MORE JULIANNE MOORE : Julianne Moore is no stranger to heavy dramas, and her latest film “Still Alice,” which premiered on Monday at the Toronto International Film Festival, is a particularly hefty one emotionally. Moore plays a linguistics professor with early onset Alzheimer’s in the p.o.v. film, based on a novel by neuroscientist Lisa Genova. “So many movies about disease are about seeing them from the outside so [Genova] wanted to discover what it was like from the inside,” she said. “I had to find a way to articulate it in an emotional way.” The actress received a standing ovation at the premiere, though she missed it because she was eating dinner during the screening. Arriving early for her interview at The Storys Building on Tuesday, wearing a short floral-printed Stella McCartney dress (the second Stella she has donned here), she was in a good mood. “I never get to go outside in Toronto unless I’m shooting a movie here,” she laughed.

She is doing double duty at the fest — her other film “Maps to the Stars” also screened here after premiering at the Venice Film Festival last month.” “That’s a comedy, I guess, compared to [“Still Alice”] she joked of the dark comedy. To prepare for “Alice,” Moore interviewed women with the same condition and even took the same tests to determine whether she had the disease. “I was able to shake it off at night and it made me feel grateful for what I have. I didn’t take [my work] home with me,” she said.

As for the actors who played her character’s children — Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth and Hunter Parrish — she called out Stewart in particular. “She’s so extraordinary and has so much compassion in her performance,” she noted. Ditto for her screen husband, Alec Baldwin, whom she worked with when she guest-starred on “30 Rock.” “I love working with him; he has so much vitality and so much soul. It felt like a real marriage,” she said. Moore’s real-life kids, Liv, 16 and Caleb, 12, also had a cameo in the film, but she said they don’t have designs on acting (Caleb is a musician and Liv wants to be a stylist). She said, “It was my idea to put them in the movie.”

‘Camp X-Ray’ to be screened at the 58th BFI London Film Festival in October


“Peter Sattler’s Camp X-Ray follows auspicious if controversial precursors – Homeland, Zero Dark Thirty – in exploring the violence and inhumanity of America’s War on Terror and the effect it has on the soldiers who enforce it. The twist, and an effective one, is telling this story from the POV of a lowly female private rooted in a system that prizes only efficiency and machismo. Kristen Stewart is Amy Cole, a recruit who signed up for duty believing in the US’s post-9/11 mission and hoping to toughen herself up. Sent to a detainee camp in Guantanamo Bay, she struggles to distance herself emotionally and, encountering vicious institutionalised sexism, she discovers she has much less in common with her peers than she does a detainee (Payman Maadi, A Separation). Stewart and Maadi shine with raw, credible performances at the heart of the film, as an uncomfortable alliance develops between prisoner and soldier.”

Kristen on the cover of Vanity Fair France – September 2014

I’ve added the scans of Kristen for Vanity Fair France, thanks to @Meryl_B_89, out tomorrow. Of course, I will update the album with the digital scans when I have them, and will be hoping for HQ very soon, as well as outtakes of this amazing photoshoot.

Translation of the interview soon, thanks to @SomeLostBliss.

“Kristen Stewart
Meeting with the most punk actress in Hollywood”

Photographed on July 16, 2014 in Los Angeles by Sebastian Kim.

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